About eSaviour

eSaviour.com is a UK business directory / yellowpages. Our aim is to connect people with the businesses and services they need by providing a suite of features tailored to both businesses and clients.

If you need a plumber, gardener or website designer, for example, you can browse profiles, speak using Live Chat or post a request for something you need help with - and let the Businesses / Service Providers come to you!

Or, if you have some expertise to share, it's really easy to set up your account and get free business advertising. Don't have the money or the time to set up a website? Not a problem, our WYSIWYG editor will help you create your yellowpages profile just the way you want. You can add pictures to showcase your talent, and other users will be able to write a review for you when you have helped them, giving you a very powerful tool in addition to your own advertising - word of mouth!

Here's an overview of some of the web directory services we offer (for free!):

  • Customers can post Job / Help Requests
    e.g. "New fence needed in my garden" or "Need legal advice on moving house" or even "Need help with maths homework!" Requests can include pictures to help you explain what you’re looking for! Businesses can search, browse and subscribe to these Requests (meaning they receive automatic email notification) so they can respond quickly!

  • Customers can receive quotes from business users for their Job / Help request,
    directly through the site or between the two parties separately. We're just happy to help you make contact!

  • Business users can subscribe to receive email notifications for relevant Job / Help Requests
    helping to put the customer and business in contact quickly and get the job done!

  • Customers can choose to receive instant updates for news, special offers and promotions published by their favourite businesses
    and the businesses can post exciting updates as often as they wish! Customers can also leave comments and join in the discussion

  • Customers can leave reviews and comments for business users
    for completed work, helping them and others to see the businesses with the highest standards and helping businesses to develop and adapt. Word of mouth can be very powerful – businesses don’t just have to rely on their own advertising but can get endorsements from their customers too!

  • Customers and business users can Chat Live!
    With busier and busier lives it can be difficult for customers and businesses to speak to each other at the time they need, due to work + other commitments. An example would be when trying to sell a house or speaking to a solicitor during standard working hours... eSaviour.com's Live Chat is extended to all business users and allows businesses to work at the times their customers need them.

  • In addition to free business advertising, services listings allow customers to search and browse fixed or "packaged" Services for Sale
    for example "Wedding Photography Package £1000", "Pre-fab Website Design £299" or "Outdoor tap fitted for £60". Prices can be set or left as "Contact me for a Quote" and other specifics can be included e.g. geographical location, experience level etc.

  • Profile yellowpages for businesses / service providers are customisable
    so customers only get the relevant information

  • Customers can browse the business' image gallery on their web directory profile
    containing relevant images posted by the business (e.g. previously completed work)

  • Manage several businesses / service providers
    if you are involved in more than one business or organisation, we make it quick and easy for you to manage them all!

  • Businesses can specify opening hours
    if their business is affected by opening hours, these can be specified, including any additional information e.g. rotational openings, lunch breaks etc.

  • The business’ location is shown on their profile
    UK businesses are located geographically by postcode - this is displayed on a location map on their profile so customers can see exactly where they can be found!

  • Businesses can post images in a gallery showcasing their work
    so customers can see their previous achievements and what they're capable of!

  • The website and its web directory is fully moderated and monitored, with reporting mechanisms and security procedures in place to help protect the community of users.

If you want to get in touch, please visit the Contact Us page.